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  • The Town of Melbourne Beach | History Center Board meets on the 1st Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm at the Old Town Hall at 2373 Oak Street (near A1A), Melbourne Beach, FL 32951. Residents and public are welcome.
    The Old Town Hall History Center is open Saturdays and Holidays from 11 am - 3 pm.
  • 321-952-7322
Members of the History Center Board
Sheryl AlbergaChairperson02/15/2019
Betsy BairdSecretary04/19/2019
Crystal CainMember02/21/2020
Genie GoldMember9/17/2018
Bruce Gordon MorganMember01/17/2020
Steve DolesMember02/21/2020
Laurie SimmonsMember02/15/2019
Frank ThomasMember05/17/2019
About the Board

This is a unique 100 year old building that has been rehabilitated to be used for history exhibits and also for art, education and community functions and other subjects of interest.

It is our mission to educate the public about the history of Melbourne Beach and the South Beaches.

History Center is open to everyone and we enjoy all comments, stories, interest and support.


Meetings and Public Records

Meeting DateTimeMeeting TypeLocationAgendaMinutes
June 7, 20185:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
May 3, 20185:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
April 5, 20185:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
March 1, 20185:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
February 1, 20185:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
January 4, 20185:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
December 7, 20175:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
November 2, 20175:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
October 5, 20175:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
September 7, 20175:30 PMCancelled
Hurricane Irma
Old Town HallAgenda
August 3, 20175:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
July 6, 20175:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda
June 1, 20175:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
May 4, 20175:30 P.M.RegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
April 6, 20175:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
March 2,20175:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
February 2, 20175:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
January 5, 20175:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
December 1,20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
November 3, 20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
October 13,20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
September 1 , 20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
August 4, 20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
July 7, 20165:30 PMCancelledOld Town HallAgenda
June 2, 20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
May 5, 20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
April 7, 20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
March 3, 20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
February 4, 20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
January 7, 20165:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgendaMinutes
December 3, 20155:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda
November 5, 20155:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda
October 1, 20155:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda
September 3, 20155:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda
August 6, 20155:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda
July 2, 20155:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda
June 4, 20155:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda
May 7, 20155:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda
March 24, 20155:30 PMSpecialOld Town HallAgenda
March 5, 20155:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda
February 4, 20155:30 PMRegularOld Town HallAgenda


mainsign300The History Center is located on the barrier island in Melbourne Beach, Florida at 2373 Oak Street at A1A, across from Spessard Holland Golf Course.
There is off-street parking available and it is also accessible by bicycle via Oak Street or A1A.

Driving directions: (online map)

  • Use Hwy 192 to go over the Melbourne Causeway/Bridge to Hwy A1A
  • Turn right going south to the traffic light on Ocean Avenue in Melbourne Beach
  • Proceed through the intersection and the street name becomes Oak Street
  • Drive slowly though residential, school and playground area
  • Watch on left for the OLD TOWN HISTORY CENTER




The most recent exhibit has been OAK LODGE, AIS INDIANS & RODEAVER COLONY.

There is always a permanent display of information, history and artifacts relating to Ais Indians, Ponce de Leon, shipwrecks, and photos of the early years, interesting people and places.

Some of our past exhibits include:

  • Ryckman House
  • Historic Foods
  • Old Oak Lodge
  • The Melbourne Beach Chapel
  • Town of Indialantic
  • Student Art Exhibit- Railroad
  • The Smith Homestead
  • Honest John’s Fish Camp
  • Historic Christmas Ornaments
  • Interviews of longtime local residents
  • Founders Day T-Shirts
  • Art Show – Facets of Florida

We welcome suggestions for subjects of interest and if you know of a topic, please contact us.  Also we suggest that you call ahead or check below to see which exhibit is presently showing or to find the month for a certain topic.

History of Old Town Hall

hallgraphicThe Old Town Hall History Center is located in a building that was built in 1908 by the Melbourne Beach Improvement Company. That company was organized to develop the area into a town with streets, buildings, facilities, etc.

The officers were Capt. Rufus Beaujean, his son Don Beaujean and Lawrence Ryckman. It may be that in this building, they each had an office with an entry door and the fourth door could have been the Post Office. It was located by the pier in the area now called Ryckman Park.

In the mid 50s, a new town hall was built so this building was floated down the river and set on land in the area of the present golf course. It was moved again in 1976 to its present location.

About the Rehabilitation

In 2001, some members of the present Board learned that the County was going to demolish the run-down building. A letter/petition campaign was started to “Save the Building”. County and Town governments co-operated. Many volunteers and craftsmen worked donated their time and materials like wiring, roofing, plumbing. In all, it was six years of community effort and the building was opened in May of 2007.

There are history exhibits in the OLD TOWN HALL HISTORY CENTER pertaining to pineapples, shipwrecks, Ais Indians, Juan Pone de Leon, Casino, and the railroad and tram.

You can also get information by searching Google for Town of Melbourne Beach Old Town History Center ( GOOGLE here )

Facility Rental

The Meeting Room has conference table and 16 chairs.  It can be converted to schoolroom seating for lectures and similar events.

The Exhibit Hall is perfect for seminars and programs. It can hold a maximum of 45 people. (Scroll down to see Facility Slideshow)

The building is handicap accessible from the north side of the building.

Rental Applications are available HERE or at both Town Hall and the History Center.

Old Town Hall Facility Rental Rate Chart: $25 per hour, plus sales tax

Additional Fees:

A $100.00 Damage and Clean-up deposit is due at the time of booking and will be refunded provided that 1) no damage occurs and 2)no clean up by the Town is necessary.

A $100.00 Key deposit is due at the time of booking and will be refunded ONLY if the key is returned to Town Hall between 8:30am and 4:30pm, on the first business day following the event.

PLEASE NOTE: If the key is not returned as indicated, NO part of the key deposit will be refunded.

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