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  • The Town of Melbourne Beach | Historical Preservation and Awareness Board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4:00 pm at the Ryckman House at 509 Ocean Ave, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951. Residents and public are welcome.
Members of the Historical Preservation and Awareness Board
Martha RemarkChairman1/19/2018
Joseph TracyMember1/19/2018
Diana BeachamMember03/15/2019
Jill AddisonNon-Resident Member08/20/2018
VacantAlternate #1
VacantAlternate #2
About the Board

This Board is responsible for the coordination of the Town’s Historical Preservation Program.

Ryckman House
Ryckman House

Meetings and Public Records

Meeting DateTimeMeeting TypeLocationAgendaMinutes
October 10, 20174:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
September 12, 20174:30 PMCancelled
Hurricane Irma
Ryckman HouseAgenda
August 8, 20174:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
July 11, 20174:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
June 13, 20174:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
May 9, 20174:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
April 11, 20174:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
March 14, 20174:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
February 14, 20174:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
January 10,20174:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
December 13,20164:30 PMCancelledRyckman HouseAgenda
November 8,20164:00RegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
October 11,20164:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
September 08, 20164:00 PMCancelled
Ryckman HouseAgendaMinutes
August 9, 20164:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
July 12, 20164:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
June 14, 20164:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
May 10, 20164:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
April 12, 20164:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
March 8, 20164:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
February 9, 20164:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
January 12, 20164:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgendaMinutes
October 13, 20154:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
September 8, 20154:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
August 11, 20154:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
July 14, 20154:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
June 9, 20154:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
May 15, 20154:00 PMSpecialRyckman HouseAgenda
May 12, 20154:00 PMCancelledRyckman HouseAgenda
April 15, 20153:00 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda
March 10, 20154:30 PMRegularRyckman HouseAgenda


Often, one or more Town of Melbourne Beach citizen board or commission has openings for resident volunteers. Volunteering on a board or commission is a great way to work with your neighbors and get involved in Melbourne Beach government. If you are interested in volunteering, please either contact Town Hall at (321) 724-5860 for more information or fill-out an application online or at Town Hall and submit it to the Town Clerk’s Office.

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