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  • The Town of Melbourne Beach | Code Enforcement Board meets as needed on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Community Center at 509 Ocean Ave, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951. Residents and public are welcome.
Members of the Code Enforcement Board
Charles BairdChairman02/20/2019
Philip McCutcheonMember09/03/2018
Martha RemarkMember09/03/2018
Hans WittelsbergerMember06/18/2021
Robert BaldwinMember06/18/2021
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About the Board

The Code Enforcement Board was established to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the town. The Board has the authority to impose administrative fines and other non-criminal penalties to provide an equitable, expeditious, effective and inexpensive method of enforcing the codes and ordinances in force in the town where a pending or repeated violation of any provision of this Code continues to exist.


Often, one or more Town of Melbourne Beach citizen board or commission has openings for resident volunteers. Volunteering on a board or commission is a great way to work with your neighbors and get involved in Melbourne Beach government. If you are interested in volunteering, please either contact Town Hall at (321) 724-5860 for more information or fill-out an application online or at Town Hall and submit it to the Town Clerk’s Office.

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