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  • The Town of Melbourne Beach | Board of Adjustment meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Community Center at 509 Ocean Ave, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951. Residents and public are welcome.
Members of the Board of Adjustment
Robert SchaeferChairman03/16/2019
David WildmanVice Chairman09/17/2019
Charles CainMember04/19/2020
Haig JohnMember11/16/2019
Xochitl RossMember03/19/2018
VacantAlternate #1
VacantAlternate #2
About the Board

The Board of Adjustment is a five-member body plus two alternates established by the Town Commission. Such Board shall be composed of, when reasonably possible, one architect, one engineer, one member at large from the building industry, one building contractor and one member at large from the public. The alternates will have a voice but not a vote in all Board of Adjustment deliberations unless one or more regular members are absent, in which case the alternates are authorized to vote in accordance with their designation.

Meetings and Public Records

May 17, 2018CANCELLEDRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
April 19, 2018CANCELLEDRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
March 15, 2018CANCELLEDRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
February 15, 2018Continued to 03/15/2018RegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
December 21, 2017Continued to 02/15/2018RegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
September 21, 20176:30 PMRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
February 16, 20176:30 PMRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
September 15, 20166:30 PMRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
February 18, 20166:30 PMRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
November 19, 20156:30 PMRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
October 15, 20156:30 PMRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
September 17, 20156:30 PMRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
August 20, 20156:30 PMRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
April 16, 20156:30 PMRegularCommunity CenterAgendaMinutes
2014 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
2013 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
2012 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
2011 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
2010 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
2009 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
2008 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
2007 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
2006 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
2005 MeetingsAgendasMinutes


Often, one or more Town of Melbourne Beach citizen board or commission has openings for resident volunteers. Volunteering on a board or commission is a great way to work with your neighbors and get involved in Melbourne Beach government. If you are interested in volunteering, please either contact Town Hall at (321) 724-5860 for more information or download an application here or fill one out at Town Hall and submit it to the Town Clerk’s Office.

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