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Building Official - Marc Meyers


Duties & Responsibilities

The Building Official is charged with the administration, interpretation and enforcement of the building code, flood control, coastal construction, coastal setback regulation, landscaping and tree review, as set forth in the Land Development Code.

Building permits can be pulled for the addresses listed here only.

Support Staff: Beth Crowell, Building Assistant

Downloadable Forms & Permits



Permit Application and Permit Documents need to be:

  • On the Newest Town Application Form (2014 Building Code)
  • Complete with ALL Required Signatures
  • Separated Into Two Complete Sets
  • Include Payment or Deposit With Application.
  • Contain All Contractor Information and Contractor Information Must be Current in Our System.

The above forms are in Adobe Acrobat format. You may download Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe website by clicking here.

Form NamePurpose / Description
Building Permit ApplicationThis form is to be used when you wish to apply for permission to construct or renovate various buildings, mechanicals, electricals and/or other features on a parcel or lot. (Please download and complete all required forms.)
Fasteners AffadavitThis form is to be used for fasteners affadavit when required.
Notice of CommencementThis form is to be used for permit with a job value of $2,500 or more ($7,500 for mechanical)
Owner AffidavitThis form is needed for any homeowner completing or supervising his or her own permitted work.
Tree Removal Permit ApplicationPer 9A-4 of the Town Code of Ordinances a tree removal permit is required to remove any tree on your property.
Development Application and Procedure To all applications which require submission of a site plan for review by Town Staff, Planning & Zoning Board, Board of Adjustment, and/or Town Commission, including but not necessarily limited to the following:

- Applications for site plan approval of single-family homes as per Section 7A-51/7A-51.1
- Applications for site plan approval for multi-family, commercial, institutional and all other site plans as per Section 7A-51/7A-51.1
- Applications for plat approval (Land Use and Rezoning)
- Applications for Special Exception
- Applications for Variance or Coastal Variance
- Applications for Appeal (Mandatory Pre- Application Meeting does not apply)
New Business ApplicationThis application is used if you have or plan to open a business office, shop or facility within the Town limits of Melbourne Beach. This application is also used if you intend to utilize a space in your home for a business office, where you conduct record keeping, telephone calls and/or internet sales. Commercial vehicle or equipment storage is NOT permitted on residential property. Also, you may NOT receive customers or deliveries at your residential business.
Peddler, Itinerant Merchant and Solicitors ApplicationThis application should be returned to Town Hall. It will need the approval of the Chief of police, the Building Official, the Town Manager and the Town Clerk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need a permit?

There are many important reasons to obtain the required building permit(s) and to obtain the required inspections for your construction project.

Helps Protect Property Value
Your home or business is an investment. If your construction project does not comply with the codes adopted by your community, the value of your investment could be reduced.

Saves Money
Property insurers may not cover work or damages caused by work done without permits and inspections.

Makes Selling Property Easier
When property is sold through a multiple listing association, the owner is required to disclose any improvements or repairs made and if permits and inspections were obtained. Many financial institutions will not finance a purchase without proof of a final inspection. If you decide to sell a home or building that has had modifications without a permit, you may be required to tear down the addition, leave it unoccupied or do costly repairs.

Improves safety
Your permit allows the code official to reduce potential hazards of unsafe construction to provide for public health, safety and welfare. By following code guidelines, your completed project will meet minimum standards of safety and will be less likely to cause injury to you, your family, and your friends or future owners. Mandatory inspections complement the contractor’s experience and act as a system of checks and balances resulting in a safer project.

It’s the Law
Work requiring permits are made such by City Ordinance. Work without a permit may be subject to removal or other costly remedies.

Q. When is a permit required?

The Florida Building Code requires a permit any time there is construction, erection, alteration, modification, repairs, changes of equipment, changes of use and/or occupancy of a building of structure, a change in location, performance of certain maintenance, removal and/ or demolition of any public and private building, structure or facility or floating residential structure, or anything connected or attached to such buildings, structures or facilities.

Q. How much will my permit cost?

The cost of a permit varies depending on the permit type. A fee schedule is available on our web site.

Q. What happens if I choose not to obtain the required permits?

If the Building Official finds you working without a permit, your work will be stopped immediately, regardless of where in the construction project you are. If the work you have done appears to effect the safety of the structure, you will be required to remove all new work, or completely remove the structure!

At the option of the Building Official, you may be required to seek out the services of and Architect of Engineer and hire a contractor. (NOTE: If you have hired a contractor to do your work without a permit, your contractor will be reported to the County AND State licensing authority and a complaint will be filed against their license.)

ALSO, a Code Compliance officer will issue you an notice for working without permits and you will have to pay the cost of the permit fee PLUS a penalty of two times the permit fee PLUS a fifty dollar administrative fee (as well any plan review fees). Additionally, there may be fees for a third party engineering analysis if areas of work are concealed or all work may be required to be removed in order to reveal that work.

If you choose to ignore the notice of the Code Enforcement Officer, you will receive a citation and be brought before the Code Enforcement Board, where you may be fined, made to remove the unpermitted work.

Q. Do I need a contractor?

Most of the time, But not always… If you own and occupy the building or structure, Florida Statute (489.103(7) allows the owner of real property to act as their own contractor. (This exemption does not apply to properties owned by corporations, trusts or businesses.) This exemption may only be used if you own and occupy the structure. However, as an “owner-builder”, you must perform and complete all of the work yourself, or, you must personally supervise any work not done by you. When you hire a contractor to perform specific trade work they must be properly licensed in those trades. (Electrician, plumbing, air conditioning contractors and roofers in accordance with state law).

Important! If you hire any person to help you perform the work, you must act as an employer! As an employer you are required to provide insurance and withhold taxes (or issue a 1099 form to the IRS).

Owners, acting as their own contractor, or listed as a subcontractor, (yes, you can be a subcontractor under a general contractor’s license, AND still be an “owner-builder”), you are required to personally appear and sign the permit application per F.S. 489.103(7).

Q. If I use a contractor, what guidelines should I use to choose one?

Ask for and check references, ask to see their state license. Check the number on the state web site ( for any state complaints. If they ask you to secure the permit, beware. They may not be licensed, which puts the homeowner totally at risk.

Q. How long does it take to get a permit?

Depending on the number of permits that have been submitted before you, and if all required documents are provided, a simple Building Permit (A/C change-out, water heater replacement, or other minor work) can be obtained within a day or two. More complex work will take a few days and a permit to build an addition, or new home will take considerably longer. (Please call the Building Department for these details. A site plan and Zoning review are required by the Town.)

A permit application expires 180 days after the date of filing. (FBC 105.3.2) and permit fees are non-refundable.

Q. What happens after the permit is issued?

The list of required inspections is located on the permit placard. Instructions on scheduling these inspections will be provided when your permit is issued. The permit placard must be attached to the front of the building where the work is being done.
During the construction, it is the applicant’s (Owner Builder/Contractor) responsibility to ensure that all required inspections are made, prior to proceeding with the next phase of the work on the project.

For new dwellings, once all fees are paid and all required inspections are completed, the applicant will be issued a CO (Certificate of Occupancy). Upon request, a COC (Certificate of Completion) for minor projects can be obtained.

Q. How much time do I have once the permit is issued?

Once a permit has been issued, a permit will expire and become null and void if work is not started and an inspection is requested and has passed within 180 days from the issuance date. After the work has commenced the permit will expire when work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days. A permit will become non-renewable after an additional 60 days has passed from the expiration date.

Lack of a passed inspection within this time will serve as validation that the job has been suspended or abandoned.

Q. Where is the permitting office?

The Building Department is located in Town Hall at 507 Ocean Ave. Melbourne Beach, FL 32951. Please call us at (321) 724-5860.

Building Permit Eligible Addresses

Building permits can be pulled for the following addresses only:

Acacia BoulevardFir AvenueRiverside Circle
Alden PlaceFlamingo LaneRiverside Drive
Anchor KeyHarland AvenueRosewood Drive
Andrews DriveHibiscus TrailSandy Key
Ash AvenueJasmine DriveShannon Avenue
Atlantic Street
(A1A up to 2300)
Mango DriveSouth Palm Avenue
Banyan WayMagnolia AvenueSunset Boulevard
Beaujean AvenueNeptune DriveSurf Road
Birch AvenueOak StreetAvenue A
Cedar LaneOcean AvenueAvenue B
Cherry DriveOrange StreetFirst Avenue
Citrus CourtPelican KeySecond Avenue
Colony StreetPine StreetThird Avenue
Coral AvenuePoinsettia RoadFourth Avenue
Dogwood AvenueRedwood DriveFifth Avenue
Driftwood AvenueRiver Road (1000 Block)Sixth Avenue
Elm AvenueRiverview Lane

Streets not listed here, yet contain Melbourne Beach in the address, are located in Unincorporated Brevard County, not Melbourne Beach.

Hurricane Preparedness

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There is currently No Active Cyclone Activity (See National Hurricane Center Website or local news for information)

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